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4 Channel PWM and ON/OFF Controller - Evaluation Board

  • Plug & Play integration suitable for fixtures, luminaires, drivers
  • Plug & Play BLE Device ON/OFF Control
  • 4 Channel driver control interface, most suitable for multicolor Lighting
  • Based on MeshTek-H52 module
  • Built-in antenna with up to 200 meter range
  • 255 In One Bluetooth Mesh Network
  • High input LED Driver voltage range of 5V - 100V
  • High input current range of 0A - 10A
  • PWM (up to 4 Channels) LED driver control interface
  • Built-in Clock and Battery for Scheduling without Hub/Router or WiFi network
  • Proximity services for beacons & indoor location services
  • Auto firmware update from one device to an entire network
  • Anticipated compatibility with Bluetooth SIG mesh standards
  • FCC/IC, CE & BT-SIG approved
  • Additional GPIOs for I2C, SPI, UART protocols
  • 50mm X 60mm size
  • iOS & Android apps available
  • Plastic cover and customization available
  • Suitable for RGBW Lighting Fixtures, Landscape Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Pool Lighting, etc

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