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Description Rating Notes
LED Driving Voltage (LED+) 6VDC-24VDC Common Anode Topology
LED Driving Current Rating 0-4A per Channel
No. of Channels Supported 1-4 Channels
Input Supply Voltage (AUX+) 6VDC-24VDC
Input Supply Current (AUX) 10mA-50mA 50mA max with mesh stack running
Control Method Bluetooth using any SmartPhone iOS & Android app available
Radio Operating Frequencies 2.360 GHz-2.500 GHz
Radio On-Air Data Rate 1 Mbps
Radio Output Power +18.9 dBm onboard external PA
Receiver Sensitivity @ BLE -96 dBm Ideal transmitter
Open-Air Control Range 200m
Enclosed Control Range 50m
Embedded Real-Time Clock Yes
Proximity/Beacon Support Yes
Over-the-Air Firmware Updates Yes
Certifications FCC SDoC, ICES
Dimensions 65mm x 56mm x 14.6mm
Customizable Yes
Enclosure Available on Request