MeshTek® Frequently Asked Questions

MeshTek® Frequently Asked Questions

Platform FAQ

What is a mesh network?

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

What is MeshTek?

How many devices can be simultaneously managed in a MeshTek network?

How long does it take to configure a MeshTek network?

Can I use MeshTek to schedule or automate device activities?

What happens to my MeshTek mesh network if one of my devices becomes disconnected?

What applications or use cases is MeshTek ideal for?

Is MeshTek compatible with products/platforms that use the Bluetooth SIG Mesh specification?

Can I work with MeshTek to develop custom hardware or software?

Are MeshTek hardware products certified?

Does MeshTek offer APIs and/or an SDK?

Lighting FAQ

What applications are MeshTek lighting products currently being used in?

Which LED drivers are compatible with MeshTek Lighting Controllers?

Which MeshTek Lighting Controller is best suited for my products?

What are the power and current limitations of drivers to be used with MeshTek Lighting Controllers?

Will MeshTek help source compatible drivers?

What is the effective range of control for lighting products that use MeshTek?

How many lighting devices can be managed using the MeshTek mobile app?

How many lighting devices can be managed using the MeshTek Gateway?

How many MeshTek lighting products are currently deployed?

Can I create lighting scenes or zones?

Can I create schedules using MeshTek-enabled lighting devices?

Can I create my own app to control MeshTek-enabled lighting devices?

Can I control a MeshTek network from a web-based platform instead of using the mobile app?

Does a MeshTek controller help in reducing LED Driver costs?

How many users can simultaneously control a MeshTek lighting network?