The Only Long Range
Bluetooth Mesh

Cover Thousand Of Devices
Within Tens Of Millions
Of Square Feet

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200K+ active
MeshTek Devices
around the globe

World’s First
Self Healing Bluetooth
Mesh Network

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Why Meshtek ?

The Most Advanced Bluetooth Mesh
Networking Technology In The World

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With flexible hardware and software offerings, MeshTek is an ideal IoT control platform for a variety of LED applications, including:

Horticultural lighting

Human-centric lighting

Automobile lighting

Commercial/office lighting

High-bay/industrial lighting

Pool Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Our controllers support all CC, CV, CC+CV drivers. Standard Drivers with dimming (0-10V or PWM) are supported by Analog Lighting Controllers. Standard drivers without dimming are supported by PWM Lighting Controller. While integrating driver and load, one should keep in mind the max voltage and current rating supported by MeshTek Lighting Controllers.

MeshTek Analog Lighting Controllers (1-4 channels) are ideal for drivers or fixtures with dimming capabilities (0-10V or PWM), while MeshTek PWM Lighting Controllers are suitable for fixtures or drivers that lack dimming capabilities.

0-10V controllers don’t have any power restrictions as it produces 0-10V signal that goes directly to the driver and the driver’s output is directly provided to the LED load
Existing PWM controllers have a limit of up to 100V and 6A (single channel) or 12A (multichannel combined) rating.

Yes. If you are unsure if your current driver is compatible with MeshTek Lighting Controllers, or if you’d like to replace your current driver altogether, we can help identify reliable sources for qualified drivers.

In most applications, a single MeshTek-enabled lighting fixture can be controlled from up to 100 feet away using the MeshTek Mobile App. Since MeshTek utilizes a unique Bluetooth mesh topology, each MeshTek-enabled lighting fixture can relay a message to its neighbors, enabling indirect control of lighting devices up to 1500 feet away. Installing a MeshTek Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway to your local lighting network further increases range of control, allowing access to your lighting network from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Our mobile app can communicate with up to 50 MeshTek-enabled lighting devices without the relying on internet connectivity.

Adding a MeshTek Bluetooth-Wifi Gateway to your lighting network enables reliable control of 100+ connected lighting devices, in addition to providing remote monitoring and control capabilities. Additional gateways allow for larger networks.

There are over 100,000 MeshTek-enabled lighting devices in deployed to-date.

Yes, the MeshTek Mobile App makes it easy to create groups (a.k.a zones). During the pairing process, lighting devices are dragged and dropped into groups you create, allowing simultaneous control of included devices. Users can also create additional networks for groups of lighting devices they’d like to keep separate (i.e. “West Location” vs. “East Location”).