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Cover Thousand Of Devices
Within Tens Of Millions
Of Square Feet

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MeshTek Devices
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World’s First
Self Healing Bluetooth
Mesh Network

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Why Meshtek ?

The Most Advanced Bluetooth Mesh
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A mesh network is a localized network infrastructure where connected nodes can intelligently send and receive data between one another. Using either flooding or routing techniques, devices within the network dynamically self-configure, enabling reliable communication with no single points of failure.

Bluetooth mesh is a wireless communications protocol that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to facilitate data communication across a local network of devices. According to the Bluetooth SIG, the governing body for Bluetooth standards and specifications, Bluetooth mesh is optimized for scalable networking, making it ideal for building automation, sensor networks, and other IoT solutions.

MeshTek is a unique IoT (“Internet of Things”) platform that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to form both broadcast and connection mesh networks, enabling efficient communication and control among networked devices. Featuring a series of extensible hardware and software products, MeshTek can be custom-tailored to meet your application and product requirements.

Using the MeshTek Mobile App, users can simultaneously manage up to 50 devices in a local connection-based mesh network (large data packet size), while large numbers of devices can be managed utilizing a broadcast-based (limited data packet size) connectivity. The MeshTek Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway enables reliable remote access and can control larger connection-based meshed devices.

MeshTek networks can be configured very quickly. With our patented technology, devices are commissioned to the MeshTek Mobile app using a simple drag-and-drop process, forming the mesh network automatically during the setup. Once all devices have been physically installed and securely commissioned to an account, the mesh will self-optimize to ensure efficient communication across your network.

Yes! MeshTek modules have the ability to store up to 250KB of data, e.g. custom schedules or default settings, directly onto the module itself. With the addition of a small coin-cell battery to power the Real Time Clock (as seen in our MeshTek Lighting Controllers), schedules will continuously execute as defined. Up to 100 schedules can be stored on a MeshTek device.

If a meshed device loses power or otherwise fails to connect to the network, MeshTek will automatically reconfigure the mesh using the most efficient connections available. This self-healing mesh capability ensures that no single point of failure will prevent data from being reliably distributed across the network. Click here to watch the self-healing mesh network in action.

MeshTek is great for connecting lighting products to the Internet of Things, but it’s flexibility also makes it the perfect fit for numerous other IoT applications. With ongoing projects in HVAC, energy monitoring, security, and location services, we’re actively engaged with manufacturers to integrate and connect to leading-edge platform applications. MeshTek firmware can also be adapted for other devices that utilize the nrf51 or nrf52 chipsets from Nordic Semiconductor.

While MeshTek has not yet integrated the Bluetooth SIG Mesh standard specification into our platform, we’re actively working with our partners to ensure interoperability among certified devices.

Yes. The MeshTek platform (hardware, firmware, and software) is very flexible, making it easy to specify and develop customized solutions that address your application requirements.