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Let’s have a look, how MeshTek Labs have taken digital contact tracing solutions to the next level

 Contact Tracing Challenges &
MeshTek® Solution

Conventional Health App

Bluetooth to Make Peer to Peer Tracking Simple and Secured, only Health Agencies to Have Access to Infected Person’s Data

Privacy First Protocol to Allow Simplest Yet Secured Solution

Now, what is the challenge ?

According to CDC and WHO, the virus can stay in the air for a few hours and on various surfaces such as door handles, for days. Places with poor air ventilation or infrequent sanitization are more prone to infect visitors via airborne and fomite transmissions.

It is becoming evident that confined spaces such as restrooms, subways, trains, gyms, restaurants, factories, offices, etc. are the major cause for the spread of the virus infection even if the infected and non infected visitors visit such spaces some time apart – The SPACE TIME challenge for the current digital contact tracing solutions.

The MeshTek® advantage

MeshTek Overcomes the Current Accuracy Challenges with its Proven Bluetooth Technology
If GPS location sensing and cellular geofencing is a part of the solution, it has various limitations:

Limited accuracy as compared to Bluetooth proximity solutions

Limitations in location tracking in buildings with multi-floor, concrete/brick walls, ceilings.

Dependent on cellular and internet connectivity

A very simple hardware software
solution capable of overcoming the above
SPACE TIME limitation of the digital contact tracing.


To enhance the current tracing solutions effectively,
there is a need of additional hardware device that has various features like

High Range BLE with Robust Mesh Networking Protocol with Adjustable signal strength

Aware of its own date and time irrespective of power outages or fluctuations

Processing Power & Memory

Can be assigned a location and ID by the installer/property via health agency’s app

Has form factors easy to install in indoor as well as outdoor places

Can securely transmit only the required data to agency’s server

The solution is a standalone plug & play device.

No app or network required for configuration or usage.

Just plug it to the power socket and that’s it!

Available in form factors such as light bulbs, wall plugs, sensor, etc.

Third party Bluetooth devices such as light fixtures, sensors, etc. can also be enabled with a firmware license.

How it works ?

Install Device at Various Venues

Now, both Bob & Alice got the accurate data from Meshtek Device,
which is full-filling the gap present in current health apps

Enhanced Solutions For Private Projects

How it setup ?

1. Devices Sends the Data to the Cloud Server via App

User/Installer such as store manager, restaurant owner, police officer, etc. directly synchs the device data with the health agency’s cloud server via the agency’s app regularly, say daily

1-2. Devices Sends the Data to the Cloud Server via App and BLE Mesh

2. Devices Transmits the Data to the Cloud Server via Gateway


Suite of Certified Indoor/Outdoor Devices with Real Time Clock/Battery
& Robust Bluetooth Mesh Ready for Deployment


with an available health agency app

better & accurate protection


Just Power & Pair

with health agency app



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