Hardware Designed for
Seamless Integration


MeshTek® IOT

We’ve strategically designed our hardware for seamless integration in a variety of devices, and we also work with our partners to develop custom hardware solutions for a truly tailor-made product. With MeshTek firmware included in all of our hardware offerings, bringing a full-featured IoT product to market has never been easier.

The MeshTek® Module

As the engine of our platform, the MeshTek Module provides an ideal infrastructure for our robust firmware stack. This module is used across the entire suite of MeshTek hardware products, and it’s designed for implementation in a variety of embedded applications (lighting, security, HVAC, etc.). Devices equipped with the MeshTek Module can be paired with the MeshTek Mobile application and accompanying backend, equipping manufacturers with a powerful suite of IoT-ready solutions.

Lighting Controllers

With over 200,000 devices deployed, MeshTek Lighting Controllers are a proven solution for lighting manufacturers that are looking for the most efficient path to the smart lighting market. Available in two standard models (1-3 channel 0-10V and 4-channel PWM), our lighting controllers provide LED manufacturers with a plug-and-play solution for turning their standard luminaires into controllable smart lights. Manufacturers can also provide a custom-branded version of our mobile app to their customers.


The MeshTek Gateway provides a straightforward solution for customers who desire larger networks or remote access to their devices. Leveraging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the gateway can expand the number of connected devices in a network, in addition to enabling unique third-party features such as voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The gateway also enables remote monitoring and control of your devices, so end users can rest easy knowing their devices are performing as expected.

Development Kit

The Development Kit is a valuable tool for manufacturers who want to develop their own custom hardware or firmware solutions using the MeshTek platform. Our modular kit lets manufacturers explore the full potential of the MeshTek firmware stack to rapidly develop and deploy IoT products to the market. User-configurable LEDs and buttons, multiple power supply options, and sample iOS/Android APIs help developers create unique solutions that meet their market requirements.

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