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MeshTek® IOT

The MeshTek Software Suite provides an advanced firmware stack, iOS, Android & Web App and a desktop support dashboard that empowers manufacturers to adapt their products for the Internet of Things. With an extensive feature set and modular customization options, our software solutions showcase a comprehensive approach to interfacing with IoT devices.


Distinctively Smart Software


Large Networks,
Expanded Control

MeshTek software creates large scale meshed device networks, providing control via a smartphone, gateway, or Linux controller. Each MeshTek- enabled device within the mesh network can send and receive messages up to 15 hops away, exponentially increasing the range of device control. Larger implementations are achieved by combining controllers and gateways.

Intelligent Data

Using MeshTek software, devices automatically switch between direct Bluetooth connection, flooding mesh, or high-speed, bi-directional routing mesh to send data via the most efficient route possible.

Firmware Upgrades

Each MeshTek-enabled device automatically updates nearby devices, where multiple devices are updated simultaneously. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for device maintenance.

Cloud & Network Management

Access from
or Control Locallye

Communicate and control MeshTek devices from anywhere using the MeshTek Bluetooth- to-WiFi Gateway, or control your network locally with a dedicated controller or smartphone.

Secure Data

Each MeshTek device supports three layers of security: (1) standard Bluetooth security, (2) password-protected network provisioning, and (3) optional packet encryption.

Frequency Hopping

MeshTek software enhances reliability by utilizing all three Bluetooth channels. If one channel is blocked, it will automatically switch to another frequency.

SDK & Application Support

SDK & 3rd-Party

By leveraging our mobile SDKs and the MeshTek Gateway,each MeshTek- enabled device can interface with 3rd-party services, including leading voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Enhanced Beacon

Control, manage and update large numbers of Bluetooth beacons over long distances, opening up a world of innovative applications like alarm systems, location-based advertising, and inventory tracking.

Lighting, Future
Linux SDK*

MeshTek software libraries for lighting control are included to enable your device to connect and mesh with other MeshTek-enabled products. Manufacturers will soon be able to develop custom software solutions using our Linux SDK.

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