Want to transform your existing commercial or residential fixture into an IoT Smart Light without a big R&D budget? Use MeshTek Lighting controller to enable your existing or newly designed fixture to be locally controlled and scheduled using the same Bluetooth meshing technology powering over 100K Smart LED lighting devices today. The MeshTek controller comes with everything you need to pair, group, and manage 200 or more lighting fixtures in a single network using the MeshTek Bluetooth meshing software.   

  • Plug & Play integration suitable for fixtures, luminaires, and drivers
  • Based on MeshTek-H52 module 
  • Built-in antenna with up to 200 meter rangeLighting Controllers
  • High LED Driver input voltage range of 5V - 80V DC
  • High current rating of 0A-8A (single channel), 0A-14A (combined)
  • High input control Voltage Range of 10V - 24V DC   
  • Built-In Real-Time Clock for automation and scheduling 
  • Proximity services for beacons & indoor location services 
  • Auto firmware update from one device to an entire network 
  • Anticipated compatibility with Bluetooth SIG mesh standards 
  • FCC/IC, CE & BT-SIG approved 
  • 50mm X 60mm size 
  • iOS & Android apps available
  • Single, Dual, and Triple 0/1 – 10V LED driver control interface – Suitable for Fixtures, Horticulture and Adjustable White Lighting
  • PWM (up to 4 Channels) LED driver control interface – Suitable for Multicolor Lighting and Device ON/OFF Control

Plug & Play 3 Channel 0-10V Lighting Controller Setup

Plug & Play 3 Channel 0-10V Lighting Controller Setup

Plug & Play 4 Channel PWM Lighting Controller Setup

Plug & Play 4 Channel PWM Lighting Controller Setup





Want to start selling within months? Our fully developed iOS and Android apps running into hundreds of thousands of devices are customizable for your branding and feature change requests to help you go-to-market quickly. With off-the-shelf lighting controllers and the apps, you can launch smart lighting products super fast! Numerous features include:

1. Simple ON/OFF control at an individual or a group level

2. Intuitive Schene/Favourites, Defaults control

3. State of the art scheduling feature to schedule specific light brightness, color, scenes throughout the days/weeks/months/years

4. Easy customer support and tutorial pages

5. Integrations starting such as Music Sync, IFTTT, ALEXA, GOOGLE HOME, etc.

6. Secured but intuitive multiuser access and control

7. Simple customer support dashboard for troubleshooting

8. Easy wireless and in the network firmware update

9. Ask us how you can generate recurring revenue through our apps and backend solutions


App features 1

app features 3


app features 2






Proximity Services  

Account Management



Energy Monitoring  


Support Dashboard

OTA Firmware Updates


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How Does ilumi MeshTek Lighting Controller Work?

Using the Nordic's NRF52 System on Chip (SOC) platform, the MeshTek Lighting controller has a built-in amplified antenna to enable range up to 200 meters. You can control your LED fixture using either 0/1-10V analog control or 4 channel PWM control to match your specific LED fixture. With reverse polarity and ESD protection, the controller features 4 GPIO connections for sensor and peripheral integration such as I2C, SPI, and UART connections. This Plug & Play solution includes ready to use iOS and Android app code, and can also be controlled with ilumi’s Smartbulb app for rapid testing and prototyping.   

The MeshTek lighting controller also includes a Real-Time Clock with a backup battery that uses Meshtek patented technology to store light settings even when power is lost. This means that you can program and schedule your lights from your phone, and they won’t lose their settings if the power is disconnected. This “Network Free” solution is ideal for areas where Wi-Fi is not available or expensive to use, such as horticulture or agricultural lighting applications

Lighting Controller Dimensions

The small size of just 62mm x 50 mm enables the controller to be placed inside most commercial fixtures without any significant redesign, and the controller is available with or without a cover. Custom connectors are also available for volume orders to support your current manufacturing processes. With FCC, CE, and Bluetooth SIG certification, the MeshTek lighting controller offers you a fast – and proven – path to convert your lighting fixture line into an IoT powered lighting solution to deliver new features and competitive differentiation you need to succeed.