Bluetooth Mesh

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth Mesh is an extension of the Bluetooth standard that creates an Internet of Things platform to connect everyday objects, such as smart lights, sensors, and other items into a mesh network that enables large number of devices from different manufacturers to work together with longer range than standard direct Bluetooth connections.

Products equipped with MeshTek Bluetooth modules or software automatically join their network and can be programmed to connect to surrounding third party devices.  The ilumi mesh network is self healing, enabling devices to be added or removed without compromising the mesh network.

Bluetooth Mesh Features

Support Unique Devices

MeshTek’s Bluetooth Mesh technology enables you to support hundreds of Bluetooth devices from your smart phone, gateway, or other Bluetooth controlled device.  MeshTek software operates as a communication layer on the Bluetooth chip, and establishes a self-healing mesh that enables devices to be added and removed without compromising network integrity.


Bluetooth SIG Compatible 

MeshTek software and modules enable easy interoperability with the upcoming Bluetooth SIG mesh standard that will enable multiple devices to work together.   This approach is ideal for simple commands such as “on”, “off”, or “switch sources” and other commands often used with infra-red remotes.


High Data Speeds

MeshTek also has the largest installed base of a routing based mesh network that allows higher data rates and two way communication between devices.  Using routing based mesh – you can perform over the air firmware updates with data speeds well beyond any traditional Bluetooth network.  


Update Your Entire Network

MeshTek modules and software enable you to update your entire network of devices over the air from a single phone or gateway.  Once one device’s firmware has been updated, the module will use a routing based mesh connection to rapidly update other devices on the mesh network.   This cascading effect, combined with high data speed, makes it easy to update projectors, alarms, smart lights, and other complicated products with the latest firmware throughout the building.