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Turnkey Bluetooth® Mesh Smart Lighting Platform for LED Lighting Manufacturers

The MeshTek Smart Lighting Platform is the perfect way for commercial, industrial, and residential lighting manufacturers to introduce their products to the Internet of Things. It has unique turnkey solutions for Horticultural, Human-Centric, and General Lighting markets. With comprehensive hardware/software solutions and custom development services, MeshTek equips LED lighting manufacturers with a complete wireless control platform.


          Horticultural Lighting Control                        Human Centric Lighting Control                Residential/Commercial Lighting Control

We take pride in making the Smart Lighting Solution so simple:

Three simple steps and your horticultural lighting fixture smart:

  1. Connect a Plug & Play Lighting Controller a driver power supply
  2. Download the App
  3. Create an account and pair with the lights

MeshTek Lighting Platform Overview

Seamless, Scalable Lighting Control

MeshTek Smart Lighting operates on a self-forming Bluetooth Mesh network, utilizing both a standardized flooding-based mesh as well as a bi-directional, high-speed routing-based mesh. This self-healing mesh network enables robust lighting control and automation features, including scene selection, zone control, embedded scheduling, and over-the-air firmware updates.

Powerful Hardware

All MeshTek lighting products, including our lighting controllers and gateways, use our supercharged MeshTek Module to support key smart lighting features across a robust, resilient mesh network.

Intuitive Mobile App + Web Dashboard

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android gives users the ability to control small or large lighting networks using a simple tap or swipe. Paired with the MeshTek Web Dashboard, manufacturers can quickly provide remote support services for end users.

Ideal for Any LED Application

With over 100,000 meshed LED lighting devices deployed since 2014, MeshTek® is suitable for any LED application, such as horticulture, human-centric, circadian, automotive, outdoor lighting, commercial and others.

meshtek bluetooth mesh smart lighting controllers for LEDs

Lighting Controllers

MeshTek Lighting Controllers enable ordinary LED lighting fixtures to be controlled via dedicated controllers or smartphones using the MeshTek Mobile App. With two standard models (1-4 channel 0-10V, 1 channel 0-10V, and 1-4 channel PWM) available, our lighting controllers supply LED manufacturers with a simple plug-and-play device to transform their standard luminaires into controllable smart lights.

meshtek bluetooth mesh smart lighting controller LED mobile app

Leveraging our powerful HyperLux technology, our lighting controllers support a comprehensive list of features that are critical for today's smart lighting products, including:

  • multi-channel support for tunable LED fixtures
  • embedded clock and battery for scheduling and automation
  • proximity services for beacons and sensors
  • long-range, reliable control of small or large networks
  • adaptive network scalability and over-the-air firmware updates
  • secured account management including authorized access to others
  • individual or group control, scenes, effects, presets, 

By adding a MeshTek Gateway, facilities can commission, control, schedule, and manage larger lighting networks of up to 5000 lights locally or remotely. We work with manufacturers to develop customized solutions that address more complex product requirements, including custom designed lighting controllers, MeshTek-embedded LED drivers and more.

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Mobile App & Dashboard

The MeshTek Mobile App & Dashboard, both available with custom branding and development options, give manufacturers complete monitoring and control of MeshTek-enabled lighting networks. The mobile app offers a wide array of features that are crucial for any IoT lighting product, such as:

  • custom scenes
  • individual or zone control
  • dimming control
  • intuitive color temperature selection
  • calendar-style light scheduling & automation

The web dashboard helps manufacturers provide timely and accurate troubleshooting for end users who require additional support. The secure web dashboard displays vital user network information, including:

  • user mesh network configuration data, including zone names, lighting schedules, default color values and more
  • user accounts management activities like email change, password reset, or profile migration
  • remote access and real-time monitoring with MeshTek Gateway

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Custom Lighting Solutions

Our team of expert MeshTek developers can work with manufacturers to create a specialized LED hardware and/or software package that meets specific requirements. We've worked on MeshTek hardware & software for a variety of LED lighting applications, such as:

  • horticultural lighting
  • color lighting
  • landscape lighting
  • human-centric / wellness lighting
  • security systems
  • energy monitoring
  • other LED-related applications

With unique hardware flexibility and modular software customization, MeshTek quickly and efficiently brings LED lighting manufacturers into the Internet of Things. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how MeshTek can help make your LED lighting products smart.

Lighting Hardware & Software

MeshTek lighting hardware and software quickly transforms existing commercial or residential LED lighting fixtures into IoT smart lights without expensive research and development. This enables existing or future LED lighting products to be locally controlled and scheduled using the same Bluetooth mesh technology that currently powers over 100K smart LED lighting devices. MeshTek lighting products include everything you need to commission, control, and manage large lighting networks.

LED Lighting Controllers

MeshTek LED Lighting Controllers provide a plug-and-play solution for connecting various LED products to the Internet of Things. Simply wire one of our analog or PWM controllers between an LED driver and LED load to achieve on/off control, brightness control, scheduling automation and more.

0/1V-10V Controller

PWM Controller

Model Number
Channel Support 1-3 channels up to 4 channels
Open-Air Control Range 200m 200m
Enclosed Control Range 50m 50m
Driver Input Voltage (DC) 5V-80V 5V-80V
Input Control Voltage (DC) 10V-24V 10V-24V
Current Rating

0A-8A (single channel)

0A-14A (multichannel)

0A-8A (single channel)

0A-14A (multichannel)

Dimensions 50mm x 60mm 50mm x 60mm
Embedded Real-Time Clock Yes Yes
Proximity/Beacon Support Yes Yes
Over-the-Air Firmware Updates Yes Yes
Certifications FCC/IC, CE and Bluetooth SIG FCC/IC, CE and Bluetooth SIG
Bluetooth SIG Mesh Compatible coming soon coming soon
Customizable Yes Yes

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Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway


The MeshTek Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway opens up a world of possibilities for wireless-control lighting networks. Using a ethernet or WiFi connection, the gateway communicates between local MeshTek networks and the cloud, enabling advanced remote access features such as:
  • seamless fixture commissioning and setup
  • complete lighting network monitoring and control
  • real-time alerts and report generation
  • support for 3rd-party cloud services
  • custom features using MeshTek SDKs

Operating System Linux
Processing Speed
Data Rate High
Security AES-128 encryption
Support Network Size Varies
Connectivity MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh, WiFi, Ethernet
Power Supply MicroUSB (400mAh)
Dimensions 92mm x 92mm x  32mm
3rd-Party API/SDK Support Yes

coming soon!

Mobile App

Our fully developed iOS and Android apps can allow for custom design and feature requests, helping you go-to-market quickly and reliably. The mobile app includes numerous features, such as:

  • Simplified commissioning and grouping process
  • Control brightness individually or in a group/zone
  • Create and edit custom lighting scenes
  • Custom schedules and default light settings stored directly to each fixture
  • Secure multi-user access and profile partitioning
  • 3rd-party integration support, such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more
  • Curated lighting effects, include music sync, static lighting presets and dynamic color effects
  • Streamlined troubleshooting and support within the app
  • Full customization options for app branding, UI/UX design, and feature management

Web Dashboard

The MeshTek Web Dashboard is a key tool for monitoring and troubleshooting connected lighting networks, making it easier to support end-users by providing intuitive back-end access to user account overviews and lighting network configurations. For networks that have a MeshTek Gateway, the dashboard is also capable of controlling and updating remote lighting networks. Custom development, including feature addition, corporate branding and UI/UX adjustments are also available.

What makes MeshTek great for LED applications? Every MeshTek Lighting Controller features our patented HyperLux Technology, maximizing the LED driver's performance in multichannel lighting devices (e.g. a standard multicolor horticulture luminaire with RGBW diodes, where each channel is able to consume 100W of power).

The HyperLux Advantage

  • High LED driver utilization, leading to a lower system cost as multiple drivers or a high power LED drivers are not required
  • Maximum light output for millions of color combinations, up to 4-times more in 4-channel LED driving schemes (compared to standard LED driving scheme)
  • Significant reduction in number of luminaires or LED drivers to achieve similar brightness for each of million color combination possible
  • Significant cost savings in space utilization, installation, and maintenance of a lighting device

In existing multichannel LED driving schemes with a 100W LED driver, there are limitations on how much power can be pumped through each LED string. Each LED string is limited to a certain power level, such that combined power through all LED strings doesn't exceed 100W (e.g. 25W limit for each LED string illustrated below).

In this case, the 100% utilization of the LED driver occurs only when each LED string is carrying 25W simultaneously. In all other cases, the LED driver utilization drops significantly. Moreover, the maximum lumen output possible from each LED string is always going to be limited by how much power is set for that string given the total available power of the LED driver.

In the example below, even when each LED string can carry 100W, the standard driving scheme can pass a maximum of 25W, thus limiting the lumens equivalent to 25W.

Our innovative HyperLux technology provides a critical solution for LED manufacturers. A specific software algorithm running on a MeshTek Lighting Controller drives RGBW channels (or any multichannel LED strings) with maximum power carrying capacity. In the illustrated example, all 100W can be passed on to each LED string or a combination of LED strings from a limited 100W LED driver. Therefore, the LED driver utilization is 100% with maximum lumens output from each string.