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A Bluetooth® Mesh Platform for the Internet of Things

MeshTek is an Internet of Things platform that uses Bluetooth mesh to enable connectivity and control for various commercial, industrial, and residential devices. By utilizing a robust, self-healing wireless mesh architecture, our platform enables sophisticated communication and reliable control of devices in a variety of applications, including lighting, security, HVAC and more.

With extended control capabilities, send/receive confirmations, over-the-air firmware updates, and enhanced troubleshooting, MeshTek provides manufacturers with hardware, software, and development solutions to create a pathway to the Internet of Things.

The MeshTek® Advantage

Unique Mesh Technology

MeshTek is a self-healing Bluetooth Mesh network, utilizing both a standardized flooding-based mesh as well as a bi-directional, high-speed routing-based mesh that enables higher data rates and larger networks. Plus, MeshTek provides simple commissioning or removal of devices without compromising the integrity of the mesh network.

Flexible Implementation

With various hardware, software, and development service offerings, we work closely with our partners to develop product specifications that meet their needs and resources.

Application Agnostic

With proven success in turn-key smart lighting solutions for OEMs, MeshTek is designed for deployment across several industries, including security, HVAC, automotive, asset tracking, local wireless data communication and more.

A Proven Platform

With over 100,000 devices deployed since 2014, primarily in solid state lighting, MeshTek®continues to pioneer the way we communicate with the world around us.

With the Internet of Things market expected to grow upwards of $1.7 trillion by 2019, our goal is to make it simple for manufacturers to enable connectivity in their products and launch their products in this rapidly growing industry. With flexible hardware offerings, turn-key software platforms and extensive development services, MeshTek makes it quick and easy to connect your products to the world around them.


The core of the MeshTek hardware portfolio is the H52 Bluetooth Module. Based on the nrf52832 SOC from Nordic Semiconductor, we've added enhancements in order to ensure our MeshTek firmware operates at maximum efficiency. The H52 module is ideal for embedding within various OEM devices, including LED drivers, sensors, and other electronics devices.

This module is a key component in other MeshTek devices, including our  controllers, development kits, and gateways. Plus, our hardware devices ship with integrated MeshTek firmware and access to our mobile SDKs to make sure you can get your devices up-and-running as quickly as possible.
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The MeshTek firmware stack acts as a powerful platform engine for our hardware, enabling unique features such as long-range control, enhanced beacon support, security layering and more. Using our mobile application (iOS and Android), manufacturers can easily provide their end users with a simple interface to leverage the features that are most important to them.

Manufacturers can also utilize our enterprise backend dashboard, allowing timely and accurate troubleshooting for customers who require additional support.
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Custom Development Services

Occasionally, OEMs may have different product requirements or resource limitations. Our experienced in-house developers can provide a wide range of hardware and software development services, allowing OEMs to create customized solutions to meet the growing needs of their customers.

Whether it's white-labeling our mobile app, designing a custom lighting controller, or adding a new feature to our firmware stack, we're able to adapt our turn-key solution into a platform that meets your unique specifications. We can also accommodate IP licensing or firmware licensing for OEMs who want to utilize our technology on their own devices. Whatever your requirements may be, we're eager to help your company address the changing needs of your customers.
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We've strategically designed our hardware for seamless integration in a variety of devices, and we also work with our partners to develop custom hardware solutions for a truly tailor-made product. With MeshTek firmware included in all of our hardware offerings, bringing a full-featured IoT product to market has never been easier.



MeshTek® Hardware

The MeshTek® Module

As the engine of our platform, the MeshTek Module provides an ideal infrastructure for our robust firmware stack. This module is used across the entire suite of MeshTek hardware products, and it's designed for implementation in a variety of embedded applications (lighting, security, HVAC, etc.). Devices equipped with the MeshTek Module can be paired with the MeshTek Mobile application and accompanying backend, equipping manufacturers with a powerful suite of IoT-ready solutions.
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Lighting Controllers

With over 100,000 devices deployed, MeshTek Lighting Controllers are a proven solution for lighting manufacturers that are looking for the most efficient path to the smart lighting market. Available in two standard models (1-3 channel 0-10V and 4-channel PWM), our lighting controllers provide LED manufacturers with a plug-and-play solution for turning their standard luminaires into controllable smart lights. Manufacturers can also provide a custom-branded version of our mobile app to their customers.
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The MeshTek Gateway provides a straightforward solution for customers who desire larger networks or remote access to their devices. Leveraging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the gateway can expand the number of connected devices in a network, in addition to enabling unique third-party features such as voice control through Amazon Alexa or Google Home. The gateway also enables remote monitoring and control of your devices, so end users can rest easy knowing their devices are performing as expected.
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Development Kit

The Development Kit is a valuable tool for manufacturers who want to develop their own custom hardware or firmware solutions using the MeshTek platform. Our modular kit lets manufacturers explore the full potential of the MeshTek firmware stack to rapidly develop and deploy IoT products to the market. User-configurable LEDs and buttons, multiple power supply options, and sample iOS/Android APIs help developers create unique solutions that meet their market requirements.
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MeshTek® Software Suite

The MeshTek Software Suite provides an advanced firmware stack, iOS & Android mobile apps, and a desktop support dashboard that empowers manufacturers to adapt their products for the Internet of Things. With an extensive feature set and modular customization options, our software solutions showcase a comprehensive approach to interfacing with IoT devices.

Firmware Stack

Our advanced firmware stack provides the logic for how data is communicated between devices in a MeshTek network. Adaptive scalability, mesh optimization, and strategic data management address an extensive list of IoT-critical requirements.

Mobile App

Primarily used in lighting applications (such as horticulture, residential, and circadian lighting), the MeshTek Mobile App (available for iOS or Android) can also be modified to control various IoT devices. The app puts control right at the fingertips of the end user, allowing these end users to easily pair and control any MeshTek-enabled device.

Web Dashboard

The backend dashboard is a useful tool for manufacturers, allowing them to provide remote monitoring and top-notch customer support to their end users. With a simple user interface and access to user configurations, monitoring device activity or troubleshooting customer issues is a breeze.

meshtek self-healing bluetooth mesh network

Software Features


Large Networks, Expanded Control Range

MeshTek software creates large scale meshed device networks, providing control via a smartphone, gateway, or Linux controller. Each MeshTek-enabled device within the mesh network can send and receive messages up to 15 hops away, exponentially increasing the range of device control. Larger implementations are achieved by combining controllers and gateways.

Intelligent Data Communication

Using MeshTek software, devices automatically switch between direct Bluetooth connection, flooding mesh, or high-speed, bi-directional routing mesh to send data via the most efficient route possible.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Firmware Upgrades

Each MeshTek-enabled device automatically updates nearby devices, where multiple devices are updated simultaneously. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for device maintenance.

Cloud & Network Management

Access from Anywhere or Control Locally

Communicate and control MeshTek devices from anywhere using the MeshTek Bluetooth-to-WiFi Gateway, or control your network locally with a dedicated controller or smartphone.

Secure Data Transmission

Each MeshTek device supports three layers of security: (1) standard Bluetooth security, (2) password-protected network provisioning, and (3) optional packet encryption.

Three-Channel Frequency Hopping

MeshTek software enhances reliability by utilizing all three Bluetooth channels. If one channel is blocked, it will automatically switch to another frequency.

SDK & Application Support

SDK & 3rd-Party Integration

By leveraging our mobile SDKs and the MeshTek Gateway, each MeshTek-enabled device can interface with 3rd-party services, including leading voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Enhanced Beacon Management

Control, manage and update large numbers of Bluetooth beacons over long distances, opening up a world of innovative applications like alarm systems, location-based advertising, and inventory tracking.

REST API for Lighting, Future Linux SDK*

MeshTek software libraries for lighting control are included to enable your device to connect and mesh with other MeshTek-enabled products. Manufacturers will soon be able to develop custom software solutions using our Linux SDK.