HyperLux Technology - Maximize LED Driver Utilization and the Light Output by up to 4 Times

The patented HyperLux Technology maximizes the LED driver's performance in a two or more channel lighting devices including, lamps, fixtures, and luminaires. Imagine a standard multicolor lighting luminaire with R, G, B, and W LED strings, each able to consume 100W of power. In existing multichannel/multicolor LED driving schemes with a 100W LED driver there are limitations on how much power can be pumped through each LED string. Each LED string has to be limited to a certain power level so combined power through all LED strings a time don't exceed 100W, for e.g., a 25W limit for each LED string as illustrated below.

In this case, the 100% utilization of the LED driver is only when each LED string is carrying 25W simultaneously. In all other cases, the LED driver utilization drops significantly. Moreover, the maximum output lumens possible from each LED string is always going to be limited by not how much power LED string can carry but how much limit is set for that string given the limited power of the LED driver.

In below example. even when each LED string can carry 100W, the standard driving scheme can pass a maximum of 25W, thus limiting the lumens equivalent to 25W.

This problem is solved very innovatively with the HyperLux technology. A specific software algorithm runs in a controller (MeshTek Module or a MeshTek Lighting Controller) that drives R, G, B, and W or any multichannel LED strings with its maximum power carrying capacity. In the illustrated example, entire 100W can be passed on to each LED string or a combination of LED strings from a limited 100W LED driver. Therefore, the LED driver utilization is 100%, furthermore, the maximum lumens output from each string is equal to its highest possible.

Benefits of the HyperLux Technology

  • High LED driver utilization leading to a lower system cost as multiple drivers or a high power LED driver is not required.
  • Maximum light output for millions of color combinations, up to 4 times in case of a 4-channel LED driving scheme compared to standard LED driving scheme.
  • Significant reduction of no. of luminaires or LED drivers to achieve similar brightness for each of million color combination possible.
  • Significant cost savings in space utilization, installation, and maintenance of a lighting device.