MeshTek-H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready Development Kit with Bluetooth Mesh
MeshTek-H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready Development Kit with Bluetooth Mesh

MeshTek-H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready Development Kit with Bluetooth Mesh

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The ilumi Solutions MeshTek H52 Bluetooth 5 Ready Development kit gives you everything you need to develop a state-of-the-art self-healing IoT hardware and software solutions that can utilize the latest in Bluetooth meshing technology.  

Bluetooth 5 Ready Meshing

Ilumi’s MeshTek H52 Development kit enables applications to build Bluetooth mesh networks so each mesh node can communicate not only with its neighbors but also other mesh nodes beyond its radio range. The Mesh mode can be enabled and disabled programmatically. When mesh mode is enabled, mesh nodes can send data to each other through both flooding and direct routing connections in an automated self-healing mesh network.

Self Healing Routing Based Bluetooth Mesh

The ilumi MeshTek technology enables you to develop applications using both industry standard flooding based meshing techniques, as well ilumi's high-speed self-healing routing based mesh. Designed from the ground up for security and reliability, the mesh will automatically heal itself when nodes are added or disconnected - updating the routing tables to all devices on the network - with no additional programming.

Everything you need

Utilizing both the main Development board for easy I/O and power connections combined with a replaceable daughter board featuring the MeshTek-H52 module, you can support multiple power sources, including USB and battery power, along with traditional DC. Multiple buttons and LED's make it easy to debug your product and speed time to market.


  • Configurable 16 GPIOs
  • SPI, I2C, UART
  • Battery, USB and 5V adapter options to power
  • Sample codes, SDK, APIs available for various applications
  • Configurable Switches and LEDs for Testing
  • Portable Daughter Board with 3V Coin Cell Battery


  • Development Board (Mother Board)
  • Portable board (Daughter Board) with MeshTek-H52 Module
  • USB to Mini USB Cable

Note: It doesn't include JTAG (J-Link) Programmer from Segger. It can be purchased from Mouser and Digikey along with a 9-pin adapter.