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MeshTek® smart lighting hardware

MeshTek lighting hardware and software quickly transforms existing commercial or residential LED lighting fixtures into IoT smart lights without expensive research and development. This enables existing or future LED lighting products to be locally controlled and scheduled using the same Bluetooth mesh technology that currently powers over 200K smart LED lighting devices. MeshTek lighting products include everything you need to commission, control, and manage large lighting networks.

LED Lighting

MeshTek LED Lighting Controllers provide a plug-and-play solution for connecting various LED products to the Internet of Things. Simply wire one of our analog or PWM controllers between an LED driver and LED load to achieve on/off control, brightness control, scheduling automation and more.

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Technical Specifications

0/1V-10V Controller

PWM Controller

Model Number
Channel Support 1-3 channels up to 4 channels
Open-Air Control Range 200m 200m
Enclosed Control Range 50m 50m
Driver Input Voltage (DC) 5V-80V 5V-80V
Input Control Voltage (DC) 10V-24V 10V-24V
Current Rating 0A-8A (single channel)

0A-14A (multichannel)

0A-8A (single channel)

0A-14A (multichannel)

Dimensions 50mm x 60mm 50mm x 60mm
Embedded Real-Time Clock Yes Yes
Proximity/Beacon Support Yes Yes
Over-the-Air Firmware Updates Yes Yes
Certifications FCC/IC, CE and Bluetooth SIG FCC/IC, CE and Bluetooth SIG
Bluetooth SIG Mesh Compatible coming soon coming soon
Customizable Yes Yes


Advanced remote access features

multi-channel support for tunable LED fixtures

embedded clock and battery for scheduling and automation

proximity services for beacons and sensors

long-range, reliable control of small or large networks

adaptive network scalability and over-the-air firmware updates

Technical Specifications

Operating System Linux
Processing Speed
Data Rate High
Security AES-128 encryption
Support Network Size Varies
Connectivity MeshTek Bluetooth Mesh, WiFi, Ethernet
Power Supply MicroUSB (400mAh)
Dimensions 92mm x 92mm x  32mm
3rd-Party API/SDK Support Yes

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