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MeshTek® smart lighting for LED manufacturers

The MeshTek Smart Lighting Platform is the perfect way for commercial, industrial, and residential lighting manufacturers to introduce their products to the Internet of Things. It has unique turnkey solutions for Horticultural, Human-Centric, and General Lighting markets. With comprehensive hardware/software solutions and custom development services, MeshTek equips LED lighting manufacturers with a complete wireless control platform.

Smart Lighting


Connect a Plug & Play Lighting
Connect a Plug & Play Lighting Controller driver to power supply
Connect a Plug & Play Lighting
Download the App
Connect a Plug & Play Lighting
Create an account and pair with the lights

Future Ready Tech. MeshTek®

Lighting Controllers


Leveraging our powerful HyperLux technology, our lighting controllers support a comprehensive list of features that are critical for today’s smart lighting products, including:

multi-channel support for tunable LED fixtures

embedded clock and battery for scheduling and automation

proximity services for beacons and sensors

long-range, reliable control of small or large networks

adaptive network scalability and over-the-air firmware updates

secured account management including authorized access to others

individual or group control scencs, effects, presets

Mobile App & Web Dashboard
Under your Brand

The MeshTek Mobile App & Dashboard, both available with custom branding and development options, give manufacturers complete monitoring and control of MeshTek-enabled lighting networks. The mobile app offers a wide array of features that are crucial for any IoT lighting product whereas the web dashboard helps manufacturers provide timely and accurate troubleshooting for end users who require additional support. The secure web dashboard displays vital user network information


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