Why Meshtek?

The Only Long Range
Bluetooth Mesh

Cover Thousand Of Devices
Within Tens Of Millions
Of Square Feet


Why MeshTek’s Bluetooth Mesh Is Most Advanced Mesh Networking Technology In the world ?

1. World’s Only Long Range
Bluetooth Mesh Technology

  • Tens of millions of square feet coverage with up to 5000 devices in a network
  • Long range Bluetooth mesh technology with robust mesh networking protocol with adjustable signal strength and reliable control of small or large networks
  • Further larger implementations can be achieved by combining multiple networks together

Wrigleyville, Chicago with 5000+ ft perimeter lighting beautification project on 20+ buildings on a street to the Cubs Stadium and growing

Additional examples:

  1. The City of Little Elm with about 500 devices over 10 million square feet coverage area
  2. City of Grapevine, TX
  3. Ghirardelli Square, CA
  4. AT&T Foundry
  5. RISD Art’s School
  6. City of Denton, TX , And many more

2. Connect Up To 5000 Devices
In A Network With The Bluetooth Mesh Technology

  • MeshTek software creates large scale meshed device networks, providing control via a direct smart phone control or via one or more gateways in a one or multi network topology
  • Each MeshTek- enabled device within the mesh network can send and receive messages up to 15 hops away, exponentially increasing the range of device control. Larger implementations are achieved by combining controllers and gateways
  • Excellent noise handling with practically tested with 1000+ devices in a network

See 2500+ Lights And Sensors Network In Action

3. The Only Solution For Over The Air Firmware Update In
A Bluetooth Mesh Network

  • Each MeshTek-enabled device automatically updates nearby devices, where multiple devices are updated simultaneously
  • Sophisticated patented algorithms allowing firmware update resumptions even during the power outages during the process
  • This significantly reduces the time and effort required for device maintenance, easy upgrades
  • Update device firmware in a network of any size automatically in a mesh network

4. World’s Only Bi-Directional BLE Mesh Where Devices Can
Send Acknowledgements, Sensor Data, Status
And Communicate Data Back To The
Cloud Or Master Devices

  • MeshTek smart lighting operates on a self-forming Bluetooth Mesh network, utilizing both a standardized flooding-based mesh as well as a bi-directional, high speed routing based mesh
  • Using MeshTek software, devices automatically switch between direct Bluetooth connection, flooding mesh, or high-speed, bi-directional routing mesh to send data via the most efficient route possible

5. BLE-WiFi-Ethernet-Cellular-Gateway
For Mesh Networks

  • The MeshTek Bluetooth-WiFi Gateway opens up a world of possibilities for wireless-control lighting networks. Using an ethernet or WiFi connection, the gateway communicates between local MeshTek networks and the cloud
  • Communicate and control MeshTek devices locally via smartphone or remotely using the MeshTek Bluetooth-WiFi-Ethernet-Cellular Gateway


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