The Only Long Range
Bluetooth Mesh

Cover Thousand Of Devices
Within Tens Of Millions
Of Square Feet

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200K+ active
MeshTek Devices
around the globe

World’s First
Self Healing Bluetooth
Mesh Network

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MeshTek® in Action Controlling 2500+ Devices in a Network


Why Meshtek ?

The Most Advanced Bluetooth Mesh
Networking Technology In The World

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Simple solutions for complex problems

Our experts are at the forefront of revolutionising technology in key industries across the globe.

Technology you can

We are MeshTek®

MeshTek® uses a unique combination of most advanced Bluetooth Mesh along with a
BLE-Ethernet-Wi-Fi Gateway hardware and software to enable commissioning,
communication, and control for commercial, residential and industrial devices.

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our core areas of expertise

We work closely with you to develop comprehensive IoT control and communications solutions that help bring your products to market faster

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smart work



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